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Sister to Sister Ministries is the Women’s Ministry of First Baptist Church Pflugerville.
Our hope is to reach out to women across ages and stages of their lives to love and encourage one another as we go through life together.   We offer opportunities to come together for fun and learning about God and then stepping out to serve the community around us.  Join us as we link arms, Sister to Sister, to show and be love in this crazy world.                                                                                  

Ministry Leaders 

Women’s Ministry Coordinator          Lynda House

Faith Bible Fellowship  Leader        Shellynne Wucher

Grace Bible Fellowship Leader         Staci Towns

Special Events Leader                         Katie Cox


Fall Bible Studies


Voice of God postcard

Join our Faith Bible Fellowship as we study “Discerning the VoiceGod” with Priscilla Shirer.  We would love to have you join us at First Baptist Church Pflugerville beginning the week of Sept. 20th for this 7 week study.  Please sign up on Sunday at our Ministy table or register online HERE  Free childcare is available for the Friday morning class, sign up is required.

You can also contact Shellynne if you have more questions.


Grace Fall study (1)

Grace Ladies Fellowship: Women coming together in small home groups for the purpose of reaching the lost and encouraging the  saved through practical Bible Study.                         Join our Grace Ladies Fellowship as we study the lives of two sisters, Rachel & Leah and learn about Combating Comparison. We will have registration online here  If you have any questions contact Staci   If you are interested in hosting a group in your home please let Staci know that as well.




May brings so many things … the close of the school year, a glimpse of the summer that will soon be here and a time to specifically set aside to appreciate mom.  I pray that all of the mom’s have a wonderful day.  If you are fortunate enough to get to spend time with your mom I hope it will be a truly wonderful time together. That being said my heart goes out to those who will not get to spend time with your mom or your kids due to distance, strained relationships or they now sit at the feet of Jesus and you are clinging to that hope given to us through the sacrifice of our Heavenly Father in knowing that you will see them again. Those circumstances can make this a day of sadness and loneliness for some. I encourage you to reach out to those ladies that may have a day like that in store for them and remind them that they are loved.


That word is seldom one that we like to hear and depending on what it is that is about to change in our lives, it can be meat with fear, anxiety or anticipation. As we look ahead to the changes that Pastor Steve prayerfully presented, I encourage you all to welcome this new format to our Sunday worship schedule. I believe that we as the women in our home have the ability to influence our family with our speech and attitude. Whether the eyes and ears watching and listening in your home belong to preschoolers, children, or teens you have the ability to influence their outlook on what’s going on around them simply through your speech and attitude. If we are excited and anticipate these new changes with a joyful spirit, then it is my belief that our families will be influenced by our example. I am looking forward to getting to see and meet people in our church that I don’t usually ever see because we have been in different services. What a time of unity this will be for our church family.

Bible Studies

Our bible studies have come to a close and we have all enjoyed studying and discussing the word together in homes and at our church. I participated in the study that took a look at the sermon on the mount. Wow! I have heard that passage of scripture so many times, but never have I heard it presented in such a way as this. We studied it as a whole instead of looking at single passages here and there.  It was a great time of learning and fellowship together.

A big note of thanks goes out to Shellyne and Staci for leading and coordinating these studies. They do an awesome job. Stay tuned for the new studies to be presented in the fall.

Scripture Writing Plan

who you are in christ spripture plan



March Newsletter


March is off to a great start as we look forward to some nicer weather (at least less clouds) and soon more daylight in our day! (Spring forward 1 hour this coming Sunday…) And spring break!!

With the passing of Reverend Billy Graham, I have been inundated with thoughts and images from my childhood revolving around this man of God and the hours I spent as a kid watching him on t.v. The many messages of salvation and hope he brought to so many were certainly made known over these last several days with all of the interviews.

With all of the attention on Billy, I actually learned more about Ruth, his wife, and their relationship. I found myself  in admiration of the strength she gave her husband and all the research she put into helping him with his sermons (he recognized the gem he had in her knowledge of the Bible). I loved listening to how she coped with Billy being away from home so much of the time and how she handled the majority of raising their children on her own. What a privilege to get to have a peek at the life of this strong, faithful woman that followed Christ to the best of her ability in every aspect of her life.  While I am not a fan of putting people on a pedestal of idolatry and trying to measure up to seemingly unattainable heights, I do like to recognize good examples when given and make adjustments where I am led to make them.  I believe as women of faith, we have  great opportunities to tap into the wisdom of the generation of women that have gone before us to help us be the best we can be. Whether it is through examples of women like Ruth Graham, or the example of Pricilla Shirer through a move such as War Room, I invite you to look for opportunities to give or receive wisdom and encouragement.  I invite you to take a look at this clip and just take in her down to earth words of wisdom.

Ruth Graham

Bible Studies

We are into the 4th week of our bible studies and I trust that you are finding them helpful and are in the midst of a deeper dive into your relationship with the Lord and in His word.  Please keep our bible study leaders in prayer as some have had some health issues in the past several days.  We need to lift them up in prayer for strength, stamina and good health during these coming weeks.

Looking ahead…

Bible Study Feedback/Sharing – We will be gathering all of our bible study attendees from all sessions after the studies conclude for a time of sharing and survey feedback on our spring studies. I will send out meeting information as we get closer to that time.

IF Gathering 2018 – I know this is something that you look forward to each year.  During our leadership planning session we came up with the idea of holding this conference as a recorded session instead of live streaming.  This gives us more flexibility with setting our own agenda for the day and planning .  I am getting close to setting a firm date (most likely September) and will get the save the date information out as early as possible so you can plan on attending.

Have a blessed March and safe travels for those of you getting out for spring break,



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Faith Scripture Writing Plan English


February Newsletter


I trust you all had a great time of being together with family during the holidays and taking some much needed time of rest away from the hustle and bustle of the work place and school schedules…but guess what?! January has already come and gone and the year is in full swing with the start of February upon us.

The month of February brings on many images and emotions. While we celebrate our love for each other or pay extra attention to our heart health during this month, my thoughts are lingering on the words our pastor shared this past week as he focused on the sanctity of life. While the ideas that life is miraculous and precious are so easily acceptable to us, I can’t help but think how hard it is for us as women to sometimes accept that our life is redeemable – no matter what we have done. As christian women, we are covered by the grace of God and yet we still find ourselves sometimes struggling with the thought that somehow we may not be worthy of that grace because of something that we did or maybe we should have done. Thank goodness God reminds us that day after day He bears our burdens…Ps. 68:19 and His love never fails us.  Have a wonderful month celebrating the love that surrounds you!

Our Sister to Sister Ministry is in full swing with 2 new bible studies starting this month. If you have not had a chance to register or see the information I invite you to take a look at the information below and join us for a time of study and fellowship.

At the conclusion of these studies we plan on coming together for a time of fellowship and opportunities to share what was laid on our hearts during these studies.

Click here for information and online registration.

Presented by Shellynne Wucher

Presented by Staci Towns

Congratulations Katie!il_340x270.892122473_4axdfullsizeoutput_7c

Katie does such a great job of planning our events and we send out our happiest congratulations to the Cox family on their newest addition, sweet little Madeline!



December Newsletter

Merry Christmas

We are officially in the midst of the Christmas season which always brings to my mind Christmas’ past. I think I do this because of all the traditions that surround Christmas whether it be gathering with family, the Christmas Eve candle light service, our favorite Christmas movies or just trying to get the kids ready and where they need to be at the needed time for all of their programs, band concerts, and other school activities that go with the season.
This year I am again recalling all of those favorite memories, while I feel God has laid on my heart the importance of stopping long enough to embrace and enjoy the season of life we as women find ourselves as we make our way through this holiday.  We all have  things that concern us no matter where we are on our path – finding the right guy, finding the right job, being the best wife and/or mother you can be, finding those teachable moments with your kids or grandkids.  Closing your eyes for what seems a moment when they enter middle school only to open them and they are in high school. That brings a whole new season – letting them go and find their way in a career or college and figuring out how to spend time alone again with your husband! You may be waiting on the grandkids to make their annual visit to your house. I know it’s hard to do sometimes, but stop and take a moment to really look around and take that mental snapshot and enjoy which ever season you find yourself in because they all go by quickly.
This Christmas I also feel led to share a time of reflection of those seasons that are the hardest and nobody ever wants to find themselves in. It is a time that so many of us struggle with especially during this time of year. It is the first Christmas that a loved one is not at the table. Whether it is through the homecoming to be with our Father or a divorce we never saw coming; it is an empty space in our annual traditions. We all know of somebody that will have an empty seat for the first time this year….or even those that it may be many years of an empty spot. I would encourage you to say a prayer for them as they navigate through this Christmas. Give them a hug, a look or a squeeze of the hand. It will be needed and so appreciated as they make their way through this time.
2018 is just around the corner….be prepared for another great year in our women’s ministry. Begin praying about where you want to serve as we start discussing activities and events.
Have a safe and very merry Christmas!

Scripture Writing Plan

This month we are focusing on the Names of God.  What a wonderful way to prepare our hearts for Christmas. Be sure to print both pages to get all 31 days.

Bible Studies are on Holiday break.  We will begin again in the New Year.

November 2017 Newsletter

A Word from Lynda House:

Thank you all for the great welcome I received last Sunday. I appreciate all the kind and encouraging words that were given.

I hope you all enjoyed the great Bible studies that took place during our Faith and Grace studies this last month. I attended the study entitled “When God Doesn’t Fix It”…and boy there were so many great take aways from this study. While there were so many great nuggets of faith to digest, the one that made the biggest impression with me was this statement: As people of faith, we place our trust not in God’s willingness to change our circumstances, but to simply trust in God himself. That can be a difficult thing to remember; especially when you are going through the thick of something you wish He would not only change but a change in the way you would like it to be. We will continue our studies in the spring so be on the lookout for that information as we start the new year.

Our leadership teams will begin meeting in the next several weeks regarding our 2018 events. I would like to encourage you to email me with any ideas of outreach within our church and our community that is on your heart. I can’t guaranty that we will make all of them happen, but we can certainly discuss and work towards as many as we can.

Lastly, please stop by our ministry table if you are interested in donating to the Henderson family. We as a church have been ministering to this family these last several weeks since hurricane Harvey demolished their house about the same time as this family’s son was seriously injured during a football game. As a church, we have demonstrated God’s love and it has been reported that they are overwhelmed with this outpouring of love. They are not believers, so we are hoping this will make the impact that is needed for them to look to the great provider for their spiritual needs.

Thank you,

Faith bible fellowships logo A word from Shellynne Wucher:

FAITH Bible study groups have just finished our powerful study “When God Doesn’t Fix it”.  This short 6 week study was packed with life transforming truth. I think our minds and hearts are still grasping the impact God’s Word has had on                                  us in the area of the purpose of our suffering and trusting Him in the midst of it.
If you arewhen God doesn't fix it struggling to cope with the trials and suffering in your life, or know someone who is, I highly recommend this study (or even the book by the same name).
 As we studied the lives of Abraham, Daniel, David, Joseph, a blind man and more we discovered some hard hitting truths about suffering. Here are just a few of our highlights:
  • “The question isn’t whether our lives will turn out like the glorious plans we’ve made. The question is how we will respond when they don’t.”
  • “God’s plan for your life is about the journeythe processthe relationship of faith that is built with every shaky step.”
  • “As people of faith, we place our trust not in God’s willingness to change our circumstances. We place our trust in God in Himself.”
  • He puts us in the furnace to burn off the greed, the impatience, the unkindness, the anger, the bitterness, the hatred, the lust, and the selfishness. For most of us, that’s a lifetime process. But in the end, the image of Jesus is formed in us.
  • When we respond to suffering well, we, in a practical way, demonstrate to the unbelieving world that Christ is more glorious and precious to us than any pain and difficulty we might endure.
  • “I no longer believe that trials are a curse. Trials are an opportunity. They are an invitation to do good works to glorify our Father in heaven, to transform our lives from the inside out, and to drive us into the arms and footsteps of Jesus.”
  • God’s power is displayed through our broken story. Living out our faith despite our struggles is what shines hopes to others.

grace fellowships logo

A Word from Staci Townes:

 Grace is finishing up our study this fall  “Proven” by Jennie Allen. Through Jesus’s example in book of John and Jennie’s teaching we are learning about taking risk, being vulnerable, hproven2ope, and overcoming fear. The relationships developed through discussion are such blessings and demonstrate growth in Him.

We are planning to have one large “pot luck style”wrap on November 12th at 6:45pm where all the groups will meet up and share how God has moved over the course of the study. Everyone is welcome to come and learn more. Please message me for more information and details. 

It is never to late to join us. Please check out this link (http://whoozin.com/DM7-7EW-JWK4)  for more information on the study or contact me if you would like to join a group. 

Praying for each one of you this week!

Our Grace Fellowships are women coming together in small home groups for the purpose of reaching the lost and encouraging the saved through practical bible study. 

A Word from Katie Cox :

We are having a Christmas Craft Fellowship night on Friday, December 8th at 7 pm in the fellowship hall. We will have hot cocoa, desserts, and lots of fun and fellowship. Dana, with Dana K Creative, will be hosting our craft night and walking us through how to make beautiful Christmas signs that will make for a great Christmas gift for a friend or something you will proudly display in your own home (because it will be very hard to part with). The cost is $25 and all supplies will be provided. We will have a sign up online and at the women’s table coming very soon. Be on the lookout on our Facebook page for more details. We will also be displaying some of the beautiful signs at the women’s table in the weeks to come, so stop by to see them and to sign up! 

Scripture Writing Plans for November

novstrength scripture

October Newsletter

It's Fall Y'all

We are thrilled to announce that Lynda House will be leading our Sister to Sister Ministry at FBC Plyndaflugerville.  We hope you will pray for her and our entire Ministry as she follows God’s call to serve.   Lynda  became of member of FBC Pflugerville with her husband in 2011 and has lived in Pflugerville since 1999. She has been married to her husband, Rob, for 31 years and have raised 3 sons together, Robby, Joshua and Blake.  She has been active with service in children’s Sunday school, vacation bible school and Awana for over 30 years. She and Rob met while serving in Awana and driving church buses at their church in Amarillo, Texas where they met.

A word from Lynda…

I knew of Jesus and began memorizing God’s word at a very young age through the guidance of my father and grandmother and the many years of Sunday school and VBS; however I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and became a Christ follower on May 12, 1978.   I am honored to have this opportunity to serve the women of First Baptist Church in this new role. I look forward to serving with this team and will continue to bring the women of our church together in study, fun and fellowship while reaching out to our community. 

Lynda House- Women’s Ministry Coordinator

A word from Katie…Harvey Help1

First off, thank you! Just a few weeks back we asked for help in assisting FBC Rockport and FBC Refugio who were in, and still are in, great need due to the devastations left by Hurricane Harvey. I am still blown away with all those who brought items just days after our announcement. We’ve collected anywhere from diapers to cleaning supplies to $5,400 in cash and gift card donations. So thank you all for truly being the hands and feet of Jesus! We plan to share more stories about the churches once we get the donations to them. 

As for future events, mark your calendars for Friday, December 8th. We will be having a night of fellowship with hot cocoa and desserts while making a craft.  And I promise, even if you aren’t crafty, you will be able to do this craft and will have fun while doing it. More details to come later, but go ahead and pencil it on your calendar because you will not want to miss it!                                 

  Katie Cox – Special Events Leader

Faith bible fellowships logo

A word from Shellynne…

Our FAITH Bible study of “When God Doesn’t Fix It” is off to a tremendous start! We have a great group at both our Thursday evening and Friday morning study. God when God doesn't fix itis moving in our small groups as we discuss the week’s study and pray together. And the video and large group time has hammered some truth into our souls.


Have you considered how it is absolutely essential that we understand just how BAD the bad news of sin is, if we are going to fully understand the incredible good news of the gospel and the hope we have in Jesus? We have learned that we should not be surprised by trouble – John 16:33. And that our best made plans may not be God’s plan at all. Will we submit ourselves to His plans?

In our FAITH study…“We don’t just read the Scriptures for some tips on living or a spiritual pep talk. We submit ourselves to the Scriptures, asking God to use his Word to transform our lives.” (Laura Story) There is still time to join us for the transforming work of God in our midst!

Shellynne Wucher – Faith Bible Fellowship Leader

grace fellowships logo

A Word from Staci…proven2

Grace is in full swing this fall with  “Proven” by Jennie Allen. Small groups of women are meeting on Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings, and Friday mornings digging into God’s word and relationships with each other growing us closer to Truth! 

It is never to late to join us. Please check out this link (http://whoozin.com/DM7-7EW-JWK4)  for more information on the study or contact me if you would like to join a group. 

 Praying for each one of you this week!

Staci Towns- Grace Bible Fellowship Leader

October Scripture Writing Plan:  Prayer

Thank you www.swtblessings.com for providing these plans for us to use each month.


September Newsletter

Fall Bible Studies begin week of Sept 17

grace fellowships logo

 An Update from Staci:

“You don’t have anything to prove.
Too many of us walk through life feeling as if we don’t measure up. We always seem to thirst for more. We think if we could only work harder or be better, we could be enough. But the truth is, we will never be enough.  And thankfully, we don’t have to be.”


This small group study will be held in homes around our area. Sign ups have begun for  Find us to sign up outside the sanctuary of the church or sign up online HERE!

 Faith bible fellowships logo

Update from Shellynne:

When God Doesn’t Fix It

 Learning to Walk in God’s Plans Instead of Our Own

 Worship Leader and recording artist Laura Story (who won a Grammy for her song “Blessings”) helps us understand we aren’t the only ones whose lives have taken unexpected turns. She examines the brokenness of some of the heroes of our faith, and shows how despite their flaws and flawed stories, God was able to use them in extraordinary ways.
And it was not because of their faith, but because of the faithfulness of their God.
God may not fix everything.
In fact, although your situation might not ever change or get better,  with Jesus YOU can.
This study is held at our FBC campus on Thursday evenings or Friday mornings.   Sign up at our table  or contact Shellynne Wucher

 Update from Katie:

September is here, and while I’m excited that Fall is right around the corner (which means pumpkin everything :)), I’m also very saddened by the recent devastations from 21248379_1224654424347577_6906470977953765298_oHurricane Harvey knowing that many of those people affected, some being family and friends, will be completing starting over. So while the rest of us are preparing excitedly for the holidays, they will be slowly putting back together their homes and community. So if you’re wondering what it is you can do to help right here in our community and church, we will be collecting donations to help those directly affected from Hurricane Harvey. Here is a list of items that can be donated and dropped off at the Sister to Sister tableHarvey Releif Needs

  • FBC Refugio have also asked for art supplies for the children of their church.  If you have some of these items around your house or would like to purchase them, please consider donating what you can. Let’s not just talk about being the hands and feet of Jesus and actually start doing it.

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.” 1 Peter 4:10-11

On a brighter note, I enjoyed our night of fellowship in August and am very grateful for those of you who showed up and brought all that yummy food!

We talked briefly about IF:Table and experienced a small glimpse of it by eating together in small groups and sharing our stories and answering questions about our faith and community. If you’d like to start an IF:Table at your home or want more information about what it is, you can visit this site (https://www.ifgathering.com/new-to-the-table) for more information or stop by the Sister to Sister table. Here’s a brief explanation about what it entails.

“A place to gather women and share a simple meal and dive deep with people over real stories and Christ centered conversations. A time for a whole lot of laughter – and maybe a few tears – but time spent that leaves us with glad hearts. Full hearts. Grateful hearts.” And a huge thanks to some of the Sister to Sister team, Melody, Kim, Staci, Shellynne, Tiffany, Terri, and Debbie for all your help in pulling off this event!

Lastly, if you’d like to offer some input into future events, please consider filling out our survey HERE stop by the Sister to Sister table where we will also have copies available.

Be on the lookout for future details on exciting events to come.

Scripture Writing Plan:  JOY


August 2017 Newsletter

Fall Kickoff Event :   Aug 15th 7pm

image2 (1)

Come join us for a picnic styled potluck Fall Kickoff Event!   Tuesday, August 15th at 7pm.  This will be a great event to get to know other ladies, so whether you’re new to our church or have been here forever, come make a new friend over dinner and deep conversations. We will also be announcing our Fall Bible studies, so you will not want to miss this event! Sign up for the potluck here or stop by our Sister to Sister table. 

Potluck sign up link:



Do you have ideas or suggestions on women events you’d like to see here at FBC? Send an email here with your ideas (katiecox0204@gmail.com). We’d love to hear from you! 

“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”      Hebrews 10:24-25

Faith studyFall

When God Doesn’t Fix It

Learning to Walk in God’s Plans Instead of Our Own

 Worship Leader and recording artist Laura Story (who won a Grammy for her song “Blessings”) helps us understand we aren’t the only ones whose lives have taken unexpected turns. She examines the brokenness of some of the heroes of our faith, and shows how despite their flaws and flawed stories, God was able to use them in extraordinary ways.
And it was not because of their faith, but because of the faithfulness of their God.
God may not fix everything.
In fact, although your situation might not ever change or get better,                         with Jesus YOU can.

grace fellowships logo

We are on our last week of our “Armor of God” study and we are donning our armor to fight against the schemes of the devil. God is working in these women in mighty ways. It is so encouraging to see unity and discipleship among the women of Christ regardless of age or life stage. Looking forward to the fall and what He has in store!


Speaking of the fall…

In September we will start a new study called “Proven” by Jennie Allen.  Check out the video below to learn a little more.

August Scripture Writing Plans

Two options to choose from!

July Newsletter

Save the Date!

A Word from Katie:

On August 15th, we will have a Fall Kickoff event where we will announce our Fall Bible studies, as well as fellowshipping around dinner tables with ladies of all ages. We will have deep conversations about our faith and walk with Christ. What better way to get to know ladies in the church than with food and good conversation. This will be a potluck event in the MPB, so mark your calendars and start looking for more details in the weeks to come.


GRACE Bible Fellowship

A Word from Staci:

Our  Summer, “Armor of God” study, is underway and going well.  If you didn’t get a chance to join us for this, don’t worry our leadership team is already making plans for our Fall study.   Please follow us on Facebook at Grace Women’s Ministry to stay in the loop as to what we have going on.

Our Grace Fellowships are women coming together in small home groups for the purpose of reaching the lost and encouraging the saved through practical bible study. 

FAITH Bible Fellowship

A Word from Shellynne:

I am excited! I have stacks of books and hours of videos that I am reviewing in anticipation of our Fall FAITH on campus Bible Study.

“Oh, the depth of riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God”     Romans 11:33.

Consider the wonder of that verse! God has graciously given us His Word so we can learn His wisdom and gain knowledge of Him. In September, the FAITH study will be starting up again. Come sit at the feet of Jesus with us. Be sure to read the August newsletter to see the details of our upcoming study. It is almost here!

Our Faith Bible Fellowship is a weekly Bible study that meets on our FBC Pflugerville campus on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings throughout the school year.  This multi-generational ladies study is a great way to dig deeper in the word. 

Scripture Writing Plan for July


Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at Sister to Sister Ministries FBC Pville