September Newsletter

Dear Sisters, it has been a long summer. I feel like it has been ages since we studied the Word together.  I am so very excited about our studies this Fall.  We have begun registration for both studies.  I have some information to share with you that is very important.

Faith jesus on Page BACK C

First, our FAITH study will begin September 15 and 16th.  This year we are asking that you purchase your own book.  It is called “Jesus on Every Page” by David Murray.  The best way to purchase this is to order it from one of these places:   $16.00 ( IF you don’t want to order it online, LifeWay will order it for you.  You would just pick it up at the store once it comes in.  512-342-7933.  They currently do not have any in store, that is why you would need to call before you go there.)  $13.51 + S&H; $11.99 on  + S&H.

The e-book version is $8.99 on all these sites


Next, our GRACE study “Open Your Bible”  will begin the week of September 19th.

This small group study  meets in  homes around our community.  Please purchase your own book online or in store at LifeWay or Amazon . Price is $14.99.  You can register for this study here  GRACE ONLINE REGISTRATION  or at our table on Sunday.68635_OpenYourBible_Church card

Did you want one of our Sister to Sister shirts and missed buying it in the Spring?  Well now is your chance.  We have  them at our table for sale for $5 until we run out.  We still have most sizes.

You are invited to a baby shower in honor of Melody and Matt Downing. 

Shabby Chic Baby Invitation Final Matt is our amazing Youth Minister.  They are expecting a GIRL!   Please join us Saturday,  September 17th at 10am  at the House Annex.  They are registered at Target, Walmart and Babys R Us.

Are you daily opening your Bible?  I know, some days it is HARD.  You wake up with a million items to put on your to do list.  May I suggest that you take 10 minutes at the beginning of everyday to use the Scripture Writing Plan?  When I am regularly doing this, my day goes so much better.  God continually shows me something new.  Thank you to Shannon at for sharing these with us.  Sept scripture plan

Mark your calendar for October 28th.  It is the SHINE Women’s Conference at Shoreline.  Many of our ladies attended this last year.  We are hoping to take a large group.  The cost is $25.  Go HERE to register and to read more about it.




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