December Newsletter

Merry Christmas

We are officially in the midst of the Christmas season which always brings to my mind Christmas’ past. I think I do this because of all the traditions that surround Christmas whether it be gathering with family, the Christmas Eve candle light service, our favorite Christmas movies or just trying to get the kids ready and where they need to be at the needed time for all of their programs, band concerts, and other school activities that go with the season.
This year I am again recalling all of those favorite memories, while I feel God has laid on my heart the importance of stopping long enough to embrace and enjoy the season of life we as women find ourselves as we make our way through this holiday.  We all have  things that concern us no matter where we are on our path – finding the right guy, finding the right job, being the best wife and/or mother you can be, finding those teachable moments with your kids or grandkids.  Closing your eyes for what seems a moment when they enter middle school only to open them and they are in high school. That brings a whole new season – letting them go and find their way in a career or college and figuring out how to spend time alone again with your husband! You may be waiting on the grandkids to make their annual visit to your house. I know it’s hard to do sometimes, but stop and take a moment to really look around and take that mental snapshot and enjoy which ever season you find yourself in because they all go by quickly.
This Christmas I also feel led to share a time of reflection of those seasons that are the hardest and nobody ever wants to find themselves in. It is a time that so many of us struggle with especially during this time of year. It is the first Christmas that a loved one is not at the table. Whether it is through the homecoming to be with our Father or a divorce we never saw coming; it is an empty space in our annual traditions. We all know of somebody that will have an empty seat for the first time this year….or even those that it may be many years of an empty spot. I would encourage you to say a prayer for them as they navigate through this Christmas. Give them a hug, a look or a squeeze of the hand. It will be needed and so appreciated as they make their way through this time.
2018 is just around the corner….be prepared for another great year in our women’s ministry. Begin praying about where you want to serve as we start discussing activities and events.
Have a safe and very merry Christmas!

Scripture Writing Plan

This month we are focusing on the Names of God.  What a wonderful way to prepare our hearts for Christmas. Be sure to print both pages to get all 31 days.

Bible Studies are on Holiday break.  We will begin again in the New Year.

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