March Newsletter


March is off to a great start as we look forward to some nicer weather (at least less clouds) and soon more daylight in our day! (Spring forward 1 hour this coming Sunday…) And spring break!!

With the passing of Reverend Billy Graham, I have been inundated with thoughts and images from my childhood revolving around this man of God and the hours I spent as a kid watching him on t.v. The many messages of salvation and hope he brought to so many were certainly made known over these last several days with all of the interviews.

With all of the attention on Billy, I actually learned more about Ruth, his wife, and their relationship. I found myself  in admiration of the strength she gave her husband and all the research she put into helping him with his sermons (he recognized the gem he had in her knowledge of the Bible). I loved listening to how she coped with Billy being away from home so much of the time and how she handled the majority of raising their children on her own. What a privilege to get to have a peek at the life of this strong, faithful woman that followed Christ to the best of her ability in every aspect of her life.  While I am not a fan of putting people on a pedestal of idolatry and trying to measure up to seemingly unattainable heights, I do like to recognize good examples when given and make adjustments where I am led to make them.  I believe as women of faith, we have  great opportunities to tap into the wisdom of the generation of women that have gone before us to help us be the best we can be. Whether it is through examples of women like Ruth Graham, or the example of Pricilla Shirer through a move such as War Room, I invite you to look for opportunities to give or receive wisdom and encouragement.  I invite you to take a look at this clip and just take in her down to earth words of wisdom.

Ruth Graham

Bible Studies

We are into the 4th week of our bible studies and I trust that you are finding them helpful and are in the midst of a deeper dive into your relationship with the Lord and in His word.  Please keep our bible study leaders in prayer as some have had some health issues in the past several days.  We need to lift them up in prayer for strength, stamina and good health during these coming weeks.

Looking ahead…

Bible Study Feedback/Sharing – We will be gathering all of our bible study attendees from all sessions after the studies conclude for a time of sharing and survey feedback on our spring studies. I will send out meeting information as we get closer to that time.

IF Gathering 2018 – I know this is something that you look forward to each year.  During our leadership planning session we came up with the idea of holding this conference as a recorded session instead of live streaming.  This gives us more flexibility with setting our own agenda for the day and planning .  I am getting close to setting a firm date (most likely September) and will get the save the date information out as early as possible so you can plan on attending.

Have a blessed March and safe travels for those of you getting out for spring break,



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