May brings so many things … the close of the school year, a glimpse of the summer that will soon be here and a time to specifically set aside to appreciate mom.  I pray that all of the mom’s have a wonderful day.  If you are fortunate enough to get to spend time with your mom I hope it will be a truly wonderful time together. That being said my heart goes out to those who will not get to spend time with your mom or your kids due to distance, strained relationships or they now sit at the feet of Jesus and you are clinging to that hope given to us through the sacrifice of our Heavenly Father in knowing that you will see them again. Those circumstances can make this a day of sadness and loneliness for some. I encourage you to reach out to those ladies that may have a day like that in store for them and remind them that they are loved.


That word is seldom one that we like to hear and depending on what it is that is about to change in our lives, it can be meat with fear, anxiety or anticipation. As we look ahead to the changes that Pastor Steve prayerfully presented, I encourage you all to welcome this new format to our Sunday worship schedule. I believe that we as the women in our home have the ability to influence our family with our speech and attitude. Whether the eyes and ears watching and listening in your home belong to preschoolers, children, or teens you have the ability to influence their outlook on what’s going on around them simply through your speech and attitude. If we are excited and anticipate these new changes with a joyful spirit, then it is my belief that our families will be influenced by our example. I am looking forward to getting to see and meet people in our church that I don’t usually ever see because we have been in different services. What a time of unity this will be for our church family.

Bible Studies

Our bible studies have come to a close and we have all enjoyed studying and discussing the word together in homes and at our church. I participated in the study that took a look at the sermon on the mount. Wow! I have heard that passage of scripture so many times, but never have I heard it presented in such a way as this. We studied it as a whole instead of looking at single passages here and there.  It was a great time of learning and fellowship together.

A big note of thanks goes out to Shellyne and Staci for leading and coordinating these studies. They do an awesome job. Stay tuned for the new studies to be presented in the fall.

Scripture Writing Plan

who you are in christ spripture plan