March Newsletter

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9

Happy March!  I have just a few items for you.  I hope you are participating in one of our Bible studies.  I have heard great things about both.  I am so amazed at how many of you are faithful to study the Word of God and to make it a priority in your life.  What a difference it makes when we hide His truths in our heart.  He gives us strength when we are weak and discouraged and brings His truths to mind when we need them most.

If you are not already using the Scripture writing plans, please consider this 10 minute task.  I promise it will  become a grounding and meaningful time with Him.  This month’s verses are about Grace.  How wonderful!  grace-scripture-writing-plan-english


March Game Night is Friday 17th at 6:30pm

at the home of Amanda Rennemeyer.

Februray 2017 Newsletter

I am still overflowing with thoughts and emotions from this past weekend.  We had about 70 ladies gather for IF:PFLUGERVILLE 2017jenny.  We were challenged and inspired.  Inspired not to do big grandiose things for the Kingdom, but to slow down and pour our lives in to each other.  To build community and find one person to decide to show up for; to give of ourselves selflessly and show them Jesus.  That’s it.  Show them Jesus, in small ways.  In your time, service and unconditional love.  We can do it ladies.  You touch one life.  Then they touch one life and it just continues.  What a blessing.

I am so very grateful for our Sister to Sister Team.  if2017aThey worked tirelessly to create a special place for us to be together.  My heartfelt thanks go to Shelli Hankins, Katie Cox, Shellynne Wucher, Kim Longino, Terri Shellenberger, Tiffany Schweikhart, Melody Downing, Susan Bell, Lori Walker, Deborah Rogers and  Carole McCarty.  These ladies help, not only with special events but our Bible Study ministry as well.  We are also extremely grateful for the assistance of Karen Small in our church office and to the Media team for keeping us going through the weekend.


FAITH : Be Joyful: Living a Life Characterized by Joy              A study in the book of Philippians.  

 This study begins THIS WEEK (Feb 9th and 10th!)  This study meets in the Fellowship Hall at FBC Pflugerville on Thursday evenings at 7pm and Friday mornings at 9:30am.  Childcare is available on Friday but we must know ahead of time.  So if this is the study for you, please contact Shellynne Wucher today!

GRACE:  Entrusted a study of 2nd Timothy.   

This small group study meets in homes around our community.  They meet in the evenings and have one group that meets on Friday morning.  This study will begin next week, Feb. 12th.  Please go HERE to register for this study.  

Scripture wring plan for this month is great!  Find it HERE


November Newsletter

Happy November!  I can not remember a year I longed for November more than now.  This unseasonably warm and dry October has left me longing for crisp cool mornings and evenings cuddled up in a blanket.  Well, I can hope at least!

I am excited to tell you that we are already praying and prif-pflugerville-graphic_fbeparing for IF:GATHERING.  We are once again hosting this event on Feb. 3 -4, 2017, at our church, FBC Pflugerville.  You can attend IF:PFLUGERVILLE with us and enjoy this live streaming event with great speakers, worship and times of shtumblr_inline_ofkmlv69wv1spv0gg_1280aring together.  Last year was powerful and
we fully expect it to be so again.  Today, is our  first Registration push!  If you register, today  Nov. 1st, you will be entered in a drawing  to win this fabulous IF gift bundle.   I am so excited that one of you may win this!   To register  follow THIS LINK .  Now if you are not sure what IF:GATHERING is all about, please watch this video from IF founder Jennie Allen.      For more information follow us at IF:PFLUGERVILLE on Facebook.    

gamenight-graphic              Now Back by popular demand…Game Night!  Yes, it has been way too long since we have gathered to laugh, eat and just have fun.   Are you in need of a Girl’s Night Out?  Leave the kids with the hubs, grab a snack and a friend and  join us Friday, Nov. 11th at 6:30pm at the home of Tammy Hutchison 207 Holman Path, Hutto.

Our Fall Bible studies are coming to an end.  What a great time we have had opening God’s word together.  I have had so many of you tell me how much you are learning in each of the studies.  We will take December and January off and begin again in February.




October Newsletter

fallIt’s Fall Y’all!  Well, at least on our calendar.  I love Fall.  I’m a cool weather girl.  The days are not as hot and a light breeze cools off the evening in just the right way. Evenings begin to get darker sooner.  We pull out the jeans and sweaters and just wait for the first morning when it is cool enough to put them on.  Oh how I love it. October is also a return to routines.  In our Sister to Sister Ministry that means Bible studies are in full swing.  Our FAITH groups are diving into “Jesus on Every Page” and finding hidden truths  in the Old Testament that show God’s plan of redemption for us begin all the way back in Gen. 1:1.  Our GRACE groups are discovering in “Open Your Bible” that the Bible isn’t just for occasional use but it is for YOU an it is for NOW.  How exciting to know that we have women studying God’s word and building relationships throughout the week, in locations all across our community.  We have over 120 women involved in studies this Fall.  As we plan ahead for our next studies, would you please answer this quick poll? 



Community Baby Shower   The Pflugerville Pregnancy Resource Center depends on us and other churches in our area to help them in the great ministry they have.  Please plan to attend this very worthwhile event. For more information contact them at 512-670-1777 or email  I hope to see you there!

Another event coming up you may want to put on your calendar is the SHINE Women’s Conference at Shoreline Church on Friday Oct. 28. Many of our ladies have attended this in the past.  For more information go HERE

Wpflugerville-01oct-2017scripture-plane are already making plans to host an IF:GATHERING local event.                Put Feb. 3&4 on you calendar now.  If you know you want to attend you can  register now HERE  .  You can follow us at IF:PFLUGERVILLE  on Facebook.



October Scripture Writing Plan has two options this month.  A topical study about Kindness or a more general oct2017scripture-plan2plan of scriptures.  Either way, please try to add this to your daily quiet time.  I promise you will be blessed.  These are made possible to us by


Please follow us on Facebook at Sister to Sister Ministries FBCPville



September Newsletter

Dear Sisters, it has been a long summer. I feel like it has been ages since we studied the Word together.  I am so very excited about our studies this Fall.  We have begun registration for both studies.  I have some information to share with you that is very important.

Faith jesus on Page BACK C

First, our FAITH study will begin September 15 and 16th.  This year we are asking that you purchase your own book.  It is called “Jesus on Every Page” by David Murray.  The best way to purchase this is to order it from one of these places:   $16.00 ( IF you don’t want to order it online, LifeWay will order it for you.  You would just pick it up at the store once it comes in.  512-342-7933.  They currently do not have any in store, that is why you would need to call before you go there.)  $13.51 + S&H; $11.99 on  + S&H.

The e-book version is $8.99 on all these sites


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Fall Bible Studies

I am so excited to share with you what we have coming up in our Sister to Sister Ministry.  It is time to start thinking about Bible study. Let me tell you, when I am not meeting weekly with you ladies to study God’s word, my heart aches to be in fellowship with you again.  When we come together, open the Bible and invite the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts, it is sacred and so powerful.  Lives are changed during these studies, whether you are in a small group, sitting on a couch in a home or on a folding chair in the Fellowship Hall,  God is ready to work in your life.

Faith bible fellowships logoFirst, our FAITH Bible Fellowship study is “JESUS on Every Page.”  Shellynne Wucher will lead this study from the book by David Murray called, “JESUS on Every Page.”    Please watch this video to learn more about this exciting study.

Faith jesus on Page BACK CPlease purchase your own copy of this book.  It is available from for $16; for $13.51 or CBD ( for $11.99.   The e-book is $8.99.   We will provide you with a workbook to go along with the study.  Register at our table or contact Shellynne HERE.


grace fellowships logo

Our GRACE Women’s Fellowships are going to study “Open Your Bible” by  Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams of “She Reads Truth.”   Please watch this video to learn more about this life changing study.

68635_OpenYourBible_Church cardPlease purchase your own book for this study.  It can be purchased at or for $14.99.   To register online for this study please  Click HERE or stop by our table on Sunday.  Are you interested in hosting a small group study in your home?  Contact Katie Cox for more information on how you can help.

We hope you will  be able to join us for one of these amazing studies.  I know you will be blessed.

Our Sister to Sister Team is working on other special events you will want to attend.  We will get the word out soon.  But for now, we look forward to seeing you at Bible study!

Don’t forget the monthly  Scripture Writing Plan.  It is  a great way to start or end your day.

June Newsletter

The great Christian pastor and author Warren W. Wiersbe  wrote at book called  “50 People Every Christian Should Know.”  In the very first chapter is the story of Katherine von Bora.  Does her name sound familiar?  No?  How about Martin Luther? Well, Katherine was his wife.  She is a wonderful example of an encourager, helper, and at times, the one who tells it like it is so that her husband could continue the work God called him to do.  I’d love for you to read a little more about this pastor’s wife.  Follow this link to her story.  I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge the wonderful women who lovingly support our ministers here at FBC Pfville.  The women who, as Warren Wiersbe says, ” make it possible for their husbands to minister…  women who must often turn houses into homes, who carry the burdens of their people as well as their own, who do without that 0thers may have, who cheerfully bear criticism and who do it all to the glory of God.”  I encourage you to write, email or tell our minister’s wives how much you appreciate them.   They are; Linda Washburn, Sandy Roucloux, Sallie Northen, Jennifer Woods, Heather Cottar, Melody Downing, and Brooke McGinty.  We are so very lucky to have these ladies serving right next to their husbands.  Thank you Ladies, we know our ministers could not do it without you.

I want to remind you that our Summer Bible study is “Armor of God” by Priscilla Shirer.  This will begin June 23rd.  It will be on Thursday evenings from 7-9pm at the home of Shellynne Wucher.  Shellynne will  be leading this study. If you would like to register for this study, please contact me or come see us at our table on Sunday morning.You will need to purchase your book for the study, you can do so on Amazon or at LifeWay.

Please check out the  Scripture Writing Plan for June.  This month the focus is on forgiveness.  This will bless your soul.  I love sitting down to write out these scriptures.  Doing this has helped me stop and really focus on God’s word.  I am so thankful for Shannon at for sharing these with us.  And don’t feel guilty if you can not do it everyday.  Do it when you can, I promise, you won’t regret it.

As we head in to summer, I know it can get hectic; kids are home, we take family vacations, and there is lots of  fun times with friends and family at the pool.   LifeWay Women  is wonderful resource for  Bible study, encouragement even ideas for things to do with the kids this summer.  I think you will like what they have to offer.





May 2016 Newsletter

God is within her, she will not fall…

Psalms 46:5a

What encouragement this is to me.  When I am feeling overwhelmed by this busy, crazy hectic life, I am so thankful to know that He will not let me fall.  I know I have been close before, on the edge even, feeling alone and afraid.  He was there.  He pulled me right back up again.  I hope that today, no matter where you are or what is going on in your life, remember who is waiting to to pull you back up.

I can not believe it is May!  This time of year always sneaks up on me.  Especially with children in school.  There are tests, projects, field trips, awards.Oh the list just goes on.  And then Summer!  But, don’t you love all the green lawns, trees and beautiful flowers?  It is a lovely time of year.  I hope you can get out and enjoy it before it gets too hot.

Let me say again a huge thank you to all the ladies who had a part in makinshirt1g our AWAKEN event so meaningful.  A special thank you to all who provided the incredibly     delicious pies.  Our time together that weekend was powerful.  I am so grateful for what we heard both in song and the word of God proclaimed.  If you didn’t have a chance to go or you didn’t have a chance to buy your new Sister to Sister shirt for the year, we still have some.  We have them at our table on Sunday mornings.  They are $10.

There are a few announcements to make AOG Summer 2016as we head into the Summer months.  Back by
popular demand, Shellynne Wucher will be teaching “Armor of God” this summer.  So many of you missed out and we want you to have a chance to take part in this study.   This will begin June 23rd on Thursday Evenings at 7pm.  Our location will be determined by the number of ladies who sign up.   I highly recommend this study.  Personally, it has been a life changer for me.  God really spoke to my heart and challenged me on truly praying what I am saying and living out my faith thru prayer.For more information on this study us this link  Armor of God Promo Video .

As many of you know, we try to assist the Pflugerville Pregnancy Resource Center when they are car seatin need.  The specific request right now is for infant car seatravel systerm 2ts and travel systems.  If you would like to help this is a simple car seat that sells on Amazon.    Walmart also carries similar ones.   The travel systems have a car seat and stroller combo.  Click on the pictures for more information on these items.  To learn more about how you can assist or volunteer follow this link PPRC .  You can drop off items at their location or order online and have them shipped.  Their address is 101 N. 3rd St. Pflugerville, 78660.

GAME NIGHT May 27th, 6:30pm

 Shellynne Wucher’s home

Please pray for our leadership team as we ask God to reveal His plan for our Sister to Sister Ministry.  We are making decisions on Fall Bible Studies and ways to serve you better.  We  have a prayer bucket at our table.  If you have a prayer need and would like us to pray for you, please drop that in our bucket or contact me or any team member.  We are here for you.

I have added the May Scripture Writing plan from Shannon at Sweet Blessings .  I love doing these.  This month the verses focus on fear and anxiety.  I think we can all benefit from writing what the Lord says on these topics.